NP Kornati

The National park Kornati is one of the most indented island groups in the Mediterranean, a unique embroidery of 150 islands, islets and reafs, thrown into the central part of the Adriatic. This is the bluest corner of the Adriatic, where the colour of the Kornati sea is even more expressed in contract to the white - grey rocks prevailing on the islands. With its exquisite clear sea water, plenty of sunshine, uncountable bays and ports, Kornati are a must among yacht cruisers on ... 

Besides, the Kornati submarine area, whose biocenosis are considered to be the richest in the Adriatic Sea, and also the magnificent geomorphology of the sea bed,
beauty and singularity of the archipelago moved authorities in 1980 to proclaim a bigger part of that area national park. 
Since then certain modifications of its borders were made, so that nowadays Kornati National Park occupies the area of about 220 km2 (54.000 acres). There are 89 islands, islets and reefs within the area of Kornati National Park (238 km of the coastline), what makes it the most indented group of islands in the Mediterranean.